NanoPOWER XT60P rods are made from the newest graphite prepregs by Toray – from carbon fibres with very precise molecular construction. We wanted to create the rods which are extremely strong and resistant.


NanoPOWER series is directed for fishing for bass, bream, tiger, medium to big lures, we recomened the Nano Power 18 for finesse fishing. 2 Year Warranty

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    With new technology- rods continue to evolve  and the power of the blank rod needed relatively large diameter of the rod.  After a year of construction-design work and after many tests we are proud to present 20 new rods. Casting weights from 5–18g to 14–42 g, lengths from 7–9 feet, slimmer and lighter blanks than its competitors. At the same time nothing changed when it comes to strength.  Testing this new technology we were able to pick up from the floor 12 lb (6kg) weight with old generation rod (casting weight 35 g). The same test was carried out with our new rods, with their more delicate look and finer guides with thinner rings embedded in a lighter rod and handled the 12lb weight with ease.


    The main objectives of NanoPOWER series are:

    • X-Fast action
    • Progressive deflection of the blank under load, what guarantee comfort fight and high percentage of landed fish
    • Blanks with overstandard thickness of walls, quite average outer diameter
    • Special strengthening of the joint and the butt of the rod
    • Overstandard sensitivity of the tip.


    Benefits of nanotechnology in the blanks from this series:

    • Weight less than similar “classic” blanks
    • Individual layers closely adhere to each other
    • Contain less epoxy resin, without using CGT production technology
    • Relatively light weight and fast action they are made of less stiff prepregs than similar “classic” rods.


    Very important construction element is the tip, very sensitive and extremely durable at the same time, what allows to fast reaction for bites and to set the hook with confidence even from a distance.


    In NanoPOWER blanks such prepregs by Toray were used:

    • Graphite with increased stiffness 30 and 36 mln PSI as basic construction material
    • Endurance graphite 24 mln PSI in the core and middle part of the blank.
    • The complement of the construction are the highest quality glass prepregs type epoxy glass (slightly under 10% of the blank weight) with reduced amount of resin.


    Finishing components of NanoPOWER series are:

    • SiC class guides in special frames with increased strength
    • IPS type handle
    • Handle covered with AA class cork (Premium)
    • Two-component, ageless epoxy varnish


    26-66-213 Jig 18 7" ML X-Fast 5-18g 141g 2
    26-67-213 Jig 25 7" M X-Fast 7-25g 120g 2
    26-68-213 Jig 35 7" MH X-Fast 10-35g 140g 2
    26-69-213 Jig 42 7" MH X-Fast 14-42g 149g 2