Invader Pro

Invader Pro

Connection of characteristic worm and shad elements result in the creation of new lure with action which differs from any of our competitors. Wide range of use when it comes to fish species or fishing methods. It has become a top seller for bass fisherman and artlure.

  • Details

    INVADER is made from materials with individually selected softness to achieve optimal action of the lure in its different sizes. Its action is rather short, fast and firm movements of the tail which move on the back part of the body as swinging movements.  The effect is very natural during different speeds and techniques.



    Innovative construction which starts an intensive action of the tail of this soft lure with its slightest movement in water. Cylindrical shape of the front part of the body perfectly lays this soft lure in fast and slow drop.

    Adrian Polakowski, Krosno Odrzańskie.