An 8 strand braid - built specifically for horsing big fish out of heavy cover, designed for frog fishing and flipping.


Made by Toray in Japan


    GUIDE 8X

    The new generation of  braid. Using the modern 8X technology with retaining proven and perfectly prepared Heavy Core II PE methods resulted in new, perfectly round braid. The effect of flattening was eliminated, the thicker weave was obtained, the resistance against abrasion was strengthened, the surface was smoothed and almost zero elongation was obtained.


    V-POWER. This braid is recommended for anglers who fish in structure, top water and trolling, so its perfect for flippin in heavy cover for bass or for throwing in harsh terrain where you need the comfort your line wont break.


    mm Lbs KG M
    0.12 25 10.7 150
    0.15 30 12.9 150
    0.18 35 15.1 150
    0.20 40 17.2 150

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