Specialist reels for spinning, designed in SLIM BODY construction. Made in so called “V“ concept. V-shaped rotor arms and the flange of the spool in the shape of a cone fitted into the rotor what allows to reduce reel weight and optimize the shape of the  spool to increase its capacity and casting distance.


    X-Treme FD720i : Weight 254g: Drag 6kg: 0.20mm/200m


    6 stainless – steel ball bearings • Infinitive anti – reverse roller bearing • Light – weighted and tough graphite body • Spool S-oscillation system • Oversized ball bearing line roller with anti – twist function • Rotor and spool Super Balance System • Dur-aluminium, machine-cut handle • Ergonomic hard-EVA handle knob •V-shape dur-aluminium spool • Waterproof, multidisc front drag • Large diameter, hardened aluminium bail wire.

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