Dragon Superlite Easybelt

Dragon Superlite Easybelt

Perfect offer for spinning and fly anglers who does not to take a lot of equipment with them. It is also great supplement for fishing vest.


  • Specification:

    At the front we can find two pockets where you can put two spinning boxes (sizes: L and M) or classic fly boxes. Two mesh pockets may be perfect for keeping beverages or the container with attractor. At the sides of the belt you can find two covers in identical sizes. They can be easily dismantled thanks to the velcro straps.


    The covers can put boxes in “S” size or glasses, gloves or other small accessories. It is also great place for supplement fly reel. The inner side of the belt is covered with thick cushion and transmission mesh. Thanks to that the belt is very comfortable and the accumulated moisture evaporates quickly. Strong belt with the possibility of adjusting the size and the latest kind of buckle with three points fastening system. That will t give you 100% confidence that we will not lose the belt while wading in the river.


    Dimensions main box (L x W x H): 20 x 6 x 20 cm, weight: 287 g